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The Grave Project

The Grave Project is an ongoing performative research project by Jess Miley and Derek Sargent. We research historical individuals who have had an impact on queer and non-normative culture. This research culminates in a pilgrimage to their gravesite, which we document through performance, photography, film and text to create an alternative historical archive. We examine the way their queerness is used in the construction of their historical biographies, including how and where they lived, either by choice or not, had a profound effect on their queer story.


Isotop, Bergen Norway, 2022​

Kunst Install copy.jpg


Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen Norway, 2021

Billboard copy.jpg


Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen Norway, 2021

Spain 1.jpg


KMD, Bergen Norway, 2021

France 1.jpg


Elevador, Barcelona Spain, 2019



PhotoAccess, Canberra Australia, 2020

RAY copyy.jpg


Holly Rollers Studio, Adelaide Australia, 2019​

Hungary 2.jpg


Art Quarter, Budapest Hungary, 2018​

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