Women Of Infamy (Germany)

Virginia Hill

(1916 - 1966) 

Aigen Cemetery - Salzburg

After being Bugsy’s number one squeeze, ended with your living room being redecorated, you moved to Austria for peace and quiet. But the hills weren’t alive for you.



Leni Riefenstahl

(1902 - 2003)

Munich Waldfriedhof - Munich

Your early triumphs didn’t last long so you fled to the depths where you found your forever toyboy. You tried to outlive your past, but redemption never came. 101.



Anneliese Michel

(1952 - 1976)

Klingenberg Cemetery - Klingenberg am Main

The rose of your parents, the thorn of the priests, the demons fed you, while your family drained you. Tied to a bed post, surrounded by small town holy men you staved for months until the true devils ran free.



Anita Berber

(1899 - 1928)

St. Thomas-Kirchhof - Berlin

Your debauched life captivated Weimar Berlin. With your erotic moves and golden showers you titillated everyone, even Dix. The party couldn’t last forever - the poppy took too much.



La Jana

(1905 - 1940)

Waldfriedhof Dahlem - Beriin

You came into the world naked on a silver platter and made your debut on the big screen with Rifenstahl. Your love affairs stretched from Goebbels to Chaplin but you still found time to be Hitler’s arm candy. The Fatherland was your passion; it’s troops loved you but winter didn’t. 



Renate Muller

(1906 - 1937)

Parkfriedhof Lichterfelde - Berlin

More Viktoria than Viktor you were the most ideal aryan woman in the fatherland, so perfect you kicked Hitler until he climaxed. With Dietrich gone you could have had everything but the needle and a jewish lover tainted you...so the Gestapo made you fly.



Ulrike Meinhof

(1934 - 1976)

Dreifaltigkeitsgemeinde Friedhof III - Berlin

Brainy and Complex, you gave up your career to free Andreas from prison and gave up your children to free the world from fascism. But in the end they took your liberty and then your life. 



Renate Ewert

(1933 - 1966)

Ohlsdorfer Friedhof - Hamburg

Your affairs with married men were legendary. Just 34kg at your death, some say you overdosed on sleeping pills but that doesn’t explain the dozen eggs, two litres of milk and and six pieces of cream cake missing from your pantry. The grief was too much for your family, twelve months latter pills seized your father, twelve months more it was poison for your mother.