Anna Sage

(1889 - 1947)

Cimitirul Săracilor - Timisoara

Moving to Chicago you were looking for the American Dream but not long after arriving you were walking the streets. Rising to be a madam you became acquainted with Dillinger; for a bounty and a visa you fingered him out with reddish fervour. The money didn’t last and the promised papers never came.

Women Of Infamy (Romania)



Iolanda Balaș

(1936 - 2016)

Ghencea Cemetery - Bucharest

Jumping to heights that no woman had ever been to, you dominated your field. Reluctantly representing Romania you won gold in Rome and Tokyo. At the height of your career they brought in gender testing and that was one bar you couldn’t rise to.



Elena Ceaușescu

(1916 - 1989)

Ghencea Cemetery - Bucharest

Joining the party at twenty one you met Nicolae and your hollow life began to rise. When he claimed control, the cult of your personality captured the nation. To look sophisticated you were never shown in profile. Despite being expelled from school for cheating you were somehow awarded a PhD in chemistry. With Timisoara ringing from below your balcony, Christmas of ‘89 wasn’t the most jubilant. "You sons of bitches!”



Ana Aslan

(1897 - 1988)

Bellu Cemetery - Bucharest

The early death of your father drove you towards a life of science but you had to stop eating to convince mummy it was a good idea. You tried to change the medical world but you instead created an illusion of truth. Gerovital H3 wasn’t the elixir the Hollywood and political elite were promised; they didn’t look younger but their disposition certainly improved. 



Alexandrina Cantacuzino

(1876 - 1944)

Bellu Cemetery - Bucharest

Born into the decaying Eastern aristocratic life you were always on a mission to “help”: from nursing the injured in WWI to being a soldier for the suffragette movement. You represented your sisters at the International Council of Women and your country at the League of Nations with good intentions but your contrasting philosophies of Feminism and Fascism couldn’t live together forever. The darkness eventually won out. With the Reds coming in ‘44 rumour had it that you committed suicide, or did you just fade into old age?